Leonard Grunstein: Jerusalem or Louisiana, the Matter of Title Has Long Been Resolved

Reprinted with permission from Leonard Grunstein, originally published on Jewish Standard: Jerusalem or Louisiana, the Matter of Title Has Long Been Resolved The matter of sovereignty over Jerusalem keeps being raised by some, as if it were a novel question of first impression. However, this is just not the case. The matter has been litigated…

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Howard Grief

Howard Grief Howard Grief served as a legal advisor to Professor Yuval Ne’eman at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure in matters of international law pertaining to the Land of Israel and Jewish rights thereto. A Jerusalem-based attorney and notary, as well as a specialist in Israeli constitutional law, Howard Grief is the author of…

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The Franco-British [Boundary] Convention Of December 23, 1920

Originally published: https://web.archive.org/web/20061231204124/http://www.therightroadtopeace.com/infocenter/Heb/FrancoBritishConv.html The Franco-British [Boundary] Convention which delineated the boundaries between Palestine and Syria-Lebanon was signed on December 23, 1920. The term “Transjordan” does not appear in the Convention since it did not exist as a separate territorial entity at the time the Convention was made. What was later to become Transjordan (today called…

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